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Bookings and Special Occasions
House Blessings: To celebrate your new home or to cleanse the spiritual atmosphere of your home contact the vicar 313 6148. There is no charge for this ministry

Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child: Say thanks to God and ask for his help. A simple ceremony can be held any place or time and requires no particular belief or commitments.

Baptism: Also known as Christening this is the big one! This is strictly for believers and believers' children and requires belief, comitment and will involve a period of preparation. Baptism is for both adults and children and can be done in the font, a pool or the river. To find out the Baptismal days for 2015 contact the Vicar.
Weddings: We offer Christian marriage to couples. At least one party must have been baptised. We have 3 beautiful churches in which to ask God's blessing upon your union. Our clergy will spend time with you to prepare you for your new life together. Costs vary according to the church chosen and whether or not you need the services of an organist, florist or sound technician. Contact the parish office to enquire.
Funerals:Our churches are used frequently to farewell loved ones. Only authorised clergy or lay ministers may conduct a Christian funeral in our churches. There is a modest charge for the use of the building and plus a fee for an organist or sound technician if required. Contact the parish office.

Rooms for Hire at St Johnís.

Lounge (with ranch sliding door)

Visitors Centre



Enquiries : regarding hire of rooms and facilities can be made in the first instance to Parish Secretary, 353 High Street, Rangiora, 03 313 6148 or by email to office@anglicanweb.org