2019  Anglican Life Rangiora   Designed by Meltec
"The kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these".
At Anglican Life Rangiora children are given every opportunity to fully develop their faith and spiritual giftings. Baptised (christened) children may receive communion in all our services. Unbaptised children are offered a blessing. The services at St John's 10 am are particuarly designed to be family friendly.

JFK, Jesus for kids,  is the weekly children's ministry offered at the St. John's 10 am service. Children start off in the service with the whole church and return again for communion. There is worship, prayer, serving activity and fun aplenty. Contact our Children's Minister Sandy Hannah 313 8449.

Other Congregations

Ministry to children is included during the services at St. Matthew's Fernside

Holiday Programmes

We run an excellent  3 day School Holiday Programme in either the July or October holidays.

Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator: Kristen Davidson 0221952818