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We are better together!
It is impossible to prosper as a Christian without getting connected to other Christians. We need each other!
Small Groups
No body is meant to go through life alone. In our parish we have 16 small groups meeting fortnightly or weekly (evenings or day time) where we can be honest about doing life together. These small groups are where most of our pastoral care takes place. Each group seeks to balance the three dimensions: upward (praise, bible study) inwards (sharing and praying) and outward (helping each other, serving the church, serving the wider community).

The Alpha Course

If you are new to the Christian Faith or you need and adult level refresher then Alpha could be just what you are looking for! Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed low key fun environment. Over ten weeks you will enjoy good food, make new friends and be taught the basics such as - who is Jesus and Why and How do I pray? You will have your questions taken seriously - no question is too basic or too hard! Alpha courses take place a couple of times each year.
To enquire or register for the next Alpha course contact: Parish Office..


How can we afford all this activity, keep up our buildings and pay all our staff?

Currently we need about $230,000 per year to do this and you, guessed it, most of it comes from the giving of our people. As Christians we trust God to provide our needs but we believe that he will mostly do so through the generosity of our people. We encourage people to tithe their regular income and offer both direct credit giving and envelopes to place in the offering on Sundays. We also invite people to give directly towards overseas missions and special local projects such as building our future, our restoration and building project. All giving is recorded confidentially and a tax receipt is issued at the end of each financial year.
Members also have the option each year to sow back their tax rebate into a special parish project by nominating the parish bank account for the rebate.
To give by direct credit simply arrange a regular payment to go into (parish account number).
To give by envelope contact Mary Whyte ph 313 8114 or email jdmewhyte@clear.net.nz
If you would like to give by both means then that is fine.