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At Anglican Life Rangiora we are ordinary Christians from every walk of life. We experience problems, challenges and hurts just like other folk. However we know that a belief in God the Father, and his precious son Jesus enables us to cope better and know we are forgiven. We can change, heal, have a purpose and a hope in life eternal. Pastoral Care enables us to maintain a caring safe environment. The following are some of the services under the Pastoral Care umbrella. These are in addition to our Sunday services at St. John's, St. Martin's, St. Mary's, and St. Matthew's. We encourage you to use these services and prayerfully consider if you are gifted to help in one or more of these services.

SMALL GROUPS - We have a number of groups that meet weekly or fortnightly where members are growing to become more like Christ. Groups meet at night and daytime. We have groups of older people, young adults, men only, ladies only, mixed groups, and family groups. They all offer friendship, community, learning, laughter and try to help others. For more information see the brochure on small groups or contact the parish office.

CARE CHAIN - Keeping a neighbourly eye on those who are not cared for in one of the above small groups. Our vision is to have every member of our church family cared for and informed. Contact Linda Thompson 3128123 or 027 481 1155.

BAPTISM - for adults and children. Offered 5 times annually. Contact the Vicar or the parish office

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY - JFK - Just for Kids during the St John's 10 am service. From age three to school year 6. Contact Children's Minister, Sandy Hannah 3138449.

MAINLY MUSIC - For preschoolers and their carers, held 10 am each Friday in parish hall. Contact Sandy Hannah 3138449

YOUTH MINISTRY. - Youth group years 7 to 13, Sundays 6-7.30 pm in the hall. Contact Youth Minister Samantha Mould 3107744 or 022 0215401

Contact Rev. Christine Allan-Johns 3135302.

PRAYER COUNSELLORS - Trained counselors, Ian and Marjorie Kennedy Contact 03 3279142.

PRAYER CHAIN - For the sick or anyone needing ongoing prayer for any reason. Permission must be given. Contact Elizabeth Smith 3134612.

Thursdays 7.30 pm Contact Glenda Prosser 3135083.

EMERGENCY MEALS - For when life gets tough a simple meal delivered to help. Contact Joan Shivas 3131916

HOME COMMUNION - For shut-ins, the sick and the elderly. Contact Val Hockley 3138087.

SPIRITUAL CARE for elderly in Rest Homes - Contact Janet Cornelius 3136501.

CRAFT GROUP OUTREACH - Southbrook congregation. Contact Jean Trigg 3136401.

Meet 2nd Tuesdays monthly for fellowship
Contact Pam Sollitt 3138707

LUNCHEON FELLOWSHIP - Mid day Thur. fortnightly. Contact Joyce Hurley 3134102.

SERVICE SUNDAYS - Help with gardening, or simple home handyman tasks. Contact Bruce Foster 3138024
Pastoral Care