2019  Anglican Life Rangiora   Designed by Meltec
Our Vision, Mission and Goals
Our Vision is:
Our Mission is:

In order to achieve this Vestry have set themselves five goals for the next year or so.

1.    Develop catalytic leadership for local mission and community outreach.

2.    Incorporate new people into small groups.

3.    Strengthen our pastoral care systems.

4.    Grow the relationships with Mainly Music families.

5.    Develop plans for safe and adequate buildings throughout the parish.
•    A church of influence, shining like a city on a hill, generous enough to help the needy, and strong enough to make the community a better place.
•    A church where people meet God, and receive healing for their hearts, their relationships, and their bodies.
•    A disciple-making church; where each grows into the character of Christ and finds their place of service.
•    A church where God’s love is reflected in all we do.
•    Serving a hurting world.
•    Sending them out to tell others
•    Forming them to become like him
•    Inviting people to meet Jesus.